Fleet Leasing for a period of 6 to 60 months

Fleet Leasing for a period of 6 to 60 months
Intel Fleet Lease – Management implies a comprehensive care for the vehicle fleet in accordance with your needs and your possibilities.
This is a long term lease of vehicles, determined by the lease duration in months and a certain mileage for each vehicle separately.
As the user of Intel Fleet Lease Management, your only obligation is to do your work; everything else is left to the experienced professionals in the car industry working for you (optimal use of capital).
Every company has different demands that need to be taken care of with maximum flexibility and professionalism.
With us, the one and only rule is that every client is the most important and gets the same treatment and attention; we are always oriented to his needs.
The Intel Car Fleet Management is therefore consisting of:
Order made by the Lessee
Careful delivery and taking over the vehicle
Car registration:
• technical inspection costs
• registration costs
• toll
• annual automobile tax
Car insurance:
• basic
• comprehensive insurance
• depending on the number of vehicles, the damage in the current year is covered entirely without franchise
• the cost for the remaining damage is borne by the Lessee and calculated separately
• insurance applies to the territory of Republic of Srpska, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia
Regular service (requested by the producer)
Assistance in the Republic of Croatia (replacement vehicle and taking care of the vehicle out of service)
Repairs and taking care of extraordinary defects during the lease
Replacement vehicle
Tyre maintenance and replacement at 35,000 km
Winter tyres
Takes care of your requests
Availability around the clock, 365 days in a year
Everything is taken care of by communicating with one person only
The simplest possible cost control
• one invoice for each vehicle or
• one invoice for all
Intel Fleet Lease more favourable than the classic leasing ???
Yes, it is more favourable for two basic reasons:
• Financial advantages
1. no vehicle depreciation
2. no financial participation
3. the lease expense is your business expense, i.e. you are entitled to VAT return
4. 70% of expenses are acknowledged just like in leasing
5. no registration, insurance or maintenance costs
6. easier control of total expenses
• Operative advantages
1. a lesser engagement of funds for the control and maintenance of the vehicle fleet
2. no need to take care of the registration, insurance, damage processing, evaluation…
3. replacement vehicle in case of a defect or damage
4. delivery and taking over the vehicle at anytime and anywhere on the territory of the Republic of Croatia
5. Intel Fleet Manager is available around the clock, be it that you need servicing, replacement or find yourself in any other new situation.
Therefore, do not worry about the expenses and the daily calculations of the costs of the vehicle that you have in your company.
Intel Fleet Lease-Management offers you a unique service expressed in only one monthly invoice (if you wish, by vehicle).